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Multi Purpose V Shape Segment Precast Concrete Cutting Blade For Elematic Saw S5

1.It can cut Precast Hollow Core Slab.
2.Hand held type;Semi-automatic type;Full-automatic type.
3.Special mechanical clutch protection device,safety.
4.Long service life, save maintenance cost.

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Multi Purpose Precast Concrete Cutting Blade For Elematic Saw S5

Products Description

The Multi-Purpose 1100mm (44 inches) precast concrete cutting blade is specifically designed for use with the Elematic Saw S5, which is a heavy-duty concrete cutting machine used in the construction industry. This type of blade is designed to efficiently cut through precast concrete elements with precision and ease.

SANG 'diamond blade is made from high-quality diamond segments, which are laser welding to a steel core. SANG 'diamond segments provide the cutting power and durability needed to slice through the dense and abrasive concrete material. 

It is suitable for cutting different types of precast concrete elements, including slabs, panels, beams, and columns. The size of the blade, 1100mm/44 inches in diameter, which is designed to accommodate Elematic Saw S5 of this size.

When using the blade, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines to ensure proper operation and minimize the risk of accidents. Additionally, regular maintenance and blade sharpening or replacement may be necessary to maintain optimal cutting performance.

Please note that the information provided here is based on general knowledge, and it's always recommended to consult the specific product documentation or reach out to us and instructions regarding the Multi-Purpose 1100mm precast concrete cutting blade for the Elematic Saw S5.

Specification: 600mm -1600mm, laser welded or high frequency.
Features: 1) High frequency welding or laser welding technology.
2) Dry or wet cutting. 
Application: cutting Precast Hollow Core Slab,reinforced concrete,concrete block, concrete wall, brick wall etc.
Machinery: wall saw,track saw etc.
Certification: ISO9001 and SGS product quality control
Main market: USA, Canada, Australia,Switzerland, Netherland, Germany, Spain,Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium etc.
Delivery: 7-15 working days after receiving payment.

Other specifications on request available.
ISO9001&Gold Supplier
Factory=Quality Control=Competitive Price=Owntechnology=OEM


1.Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
We are a 30 years manufacturer.

2.How to prove your quality?
We use E6 diamond,Dipea steel wire, passed ISO9001 and SGS,strict quality control and skilled workers.

3.What should I do if the products is not suitable for the market?
Giving us the detailed report first,then we analyze the reason,try to find the solutions.
If it is our problems,we will give you new products.

4.Do you provide free samples?
Small sample is welcomed.But,usually we don't provide free samples.

5.Can you provide OEM/OEM services?
It is ok.

6. Any question about Multi Purpose V Shape Segment Precast Concrete Cutting Blade For Elematic Saw S5,   please kindly let me know!Thanks!

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