what is the reasons that make white stones turn yellow


what is the reasons that make white stones turn yellow?

1. Inadequate protection of the stone causes the  ions in the stone to react with water, which leads to the yellowing of the stone, especially the white series of stone, such as elegant white, jazz white, and big white.

2. During the stone processing, the rust spots of machinery, equipment and blades are contaminated to the back of the stone;

3. The protection measures of the finished product are not good, causing the iron tools to damage the stone, or the iron tools to rust when exposed to water, affecting the stone and causing yellowing.

4. Irregular maintenance of stone: The acid in the low-quality acidic agent reacts with steel to form substances that penetrate into  the stone, causing yellowing.

5. The stone wax used in the polishing process contains pigments or acid-alkaline substances, which causes the stone to turn yellow.

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