Instructions for use of diamond wire saw

Diamond Wire Saw Uses: This product is suitable for cutting reinforced concrete, stone and other materials.
Diamond Wire Saw
Operating Specifications:

1. When using, straighten the rope, and twist it according to 1-2 turns/meter, which can effectively prevent partial wear, and then connect the wire saw into a closed loop with hydraulic pliers and crimps. Before cutting, be sure to distinguish the direction of use of the wire saw, and do not rotate in the opposite direction for cutting.

2. Try to avoid acute angle cutting during use to avoid damage to the rope, and increase the support guide wheel if necessary.

3. The wear of the guide wheel will reduce the fit between the wire saw and the guide wheel, which will affect the wire speed of the wire saw, and thus affect the cutting efficiency. It is necessary to replace the rubber ring of the guide wheel in time.

4. When the wire saw is cutting, it must be cooled, and the amount of water can be adjusted according to the noise during cutting and the turbidity of the cooling water. The amount of cooling water is not as much as possible. Too much cooling water can easily affect the self-sharpening of the wire saw and make the wire saw slip;

5. Pay attention to ensure the tensioning force. If the tensioning force is too small, the cutting speed will be slow and the rope will be easily pulled off; if the tensioning force is too large, the wire saw will wear quickly, and there is a risk of breaking the rope at the connection.

6. When the wire saw is not in use, the tension should be unloaded and stored in a dry place.
Diamond Wire Saw
7. Safety operation specification:

7-1 All wire saw equipment should comply with national or related standards.

7-2 There must be safety isolation facilities and personal protection measures around the working surface of the wire saw on the construction site before construction.

7-3 Under the working state of the product, personnel must stay away from the working surface 15 meters away, and it is strictly forbidden for personnel to stay in the tangent area in the running direction of the wire saw; if on-site maintenance is required, it must be stopped and operated.

7-4 During the use of the product, part of the beads loose due to wear, impact, etc. is a normal phenomenon. After completing a cutting operation, the product status must be checked, and the loose parts of the beads should be cut off, or stop using the product.

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