What are the classifications of concrete cutting technology?

Concrete cutting is mainly based on the high-speed operation of diamond tools to complete the task of cutting and demolition. The feature is that there is no vibration and damage, and it is a relatively advanced cutting technology. So what are the classifications of concrete cutting technologies?

1. Wire saw cutting : The working principle of wire saw cutting is that under the drive of the motor, the diamond rope will perform high-speed grinding around the object to be cut to complete the cutting work. It is characterized by reduced labor intensity, improved operational safety factor and work efficiency, shortened the construction period that everyone cares about, and further reduced labor costs.

2. Saw blade cutting : saw blades of different specifications can complete cutting with a thickness within 750mm. It is characterized by long service life and straight and stable cutting effect. It is widely used, including cutting of asphalt pavement, cutting of stone, etc.

Saw blade cutting

3. Drilling and cutting : Drills of different diameters can be installed to realize holes of different sizes, and the depth can reach more than 20 meters. The scope of use is to cut foundation floors, bridge supports, etc.

Drilling and cutting

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