Analyze the advantages of diamond grinding wheels


Diamond grinding wheels are widely used in the process of stone processing, mainly for processing and grinding stone, with high precision. In industrial processing, we often use diamond saw blades and diamond grinding wheels. In order to let everyone know more about diamond Grinding wheels, next SANG diamond tools company will briefly introduce the reasons why we widely use diamond grinding wheels.

Diamond grinding wheels

The diamond grinding wheel can be made into a high-precision tooth profile. Due to its high durability and infrequent dressing, it is not necessary to adjust the machine tool frequently, and stable tooth gallery, lead and pitch accuracy can be obtained.

The diamond grinding wheel can realize high-speed grinding and high-feed rate grinding of the tooth surface, with low roughness and no burns, and can obtain high gear accuracy (grade 6 to 7) under the condition of improving grinding efficiency.

The diamond grinding wheel has a long service life and good grinding performance, which saves a lot of auxiliary time such as wheel replacement and dressing, machine tool adjustment and workpiece inspection.

Diamond grinding wheels

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