Behaviour of nickel in diamond tool binders

The face-centered cubic structure has very good ductility, toughness and oxidation resistance, and can be infinitely miscible with copper. Nickel is an element that promotes austenitization, expands the α phase region, and is difficult to react with C. When sintered at high temperature, it is difficult to react with diamond. Internal interface reactions hardly occur. But liquid Ni can be firmly attached to the carbon fiber surface, forming an extremely thin film.

Ni is an indispensable element in the binder of diamond tools.

In Cu-based matrix alloys, it inhibits the loss of low melting point metals and increases toughness and wear resistance.

Adding Ni and Cu to Fe-based alloys can reduce the sintering temperature and reduce the thermal corrosion of the diamond by the bond metal. Selecting the appropriate combination of Fe and Ni additions can greatly improve the holding power of Fe-based binders on diamonds.

Nickel is attached in the form of a film on the diamond surface, and generally no interfacial reaction occurs.

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