【Company News】The company organizes a monthly meeting


On November, SANG organized a monthly meeting.

At the meeting, the managers of each department reported the overall development of the month, the follow-up work plan and the recent problems in the work of each department in turn. The project leaders of each department will make speeches based on the actual situation at work, and jointly discuss solutions to the problems existing in the work that each department cooperates with.

The general manager and deputy general manager put forward solutions to the problems encountered by various departments and projects, and provide in-depth guidance on the company's overall strategic goals, development directions, and the functional positioning and work requirements of each department. Learn more and keep pace with the times

The smooth convening of the monthly meeting clarified the work priorities and new stage goals. It is believed that under the leadership of the general manager, deputy general managers and managers of various departments, all employees will continue to learn in their respective work, so as to optimize themselves, make the operation of various projects of the company's departments more rational, and enhance their competitiveness , move forward steadily, develop together, and accomplish new goals.

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