How to replace the diamond saw blade of a concrete cutter?

1. If the concrete saw blade of the cutting machine needs to be replaced during the cutting of reinforced concrete, see clearly a saw blade rotation direction mark marked on the cutting saw itself. The thread of the compression nut fixing the saw blade is opposite to the rotation of the saw blade, so that the saw When the blade rotates, the bolts tend to be tightened with the rotation. When replacing the saw blade, first fix the saw blade with a wrench, and then follow the cutting direction according to the direction indicated by the arrow itself, and turn the upper nut to remove the saw blade.
concrete saw blade
2. When removing parts, mark and record the parts in the order of removal.

3. Put on a new concrete saw blade.

4. After replacing the saw blade, the engineer of the reinforced concrete cutting engineering team reminded the operator to remember to reset the parts in the reverse order and mark of the removed parts.

5. Tighten the fixing nut.

6. Test run to check whether the saw blade rotates smoothly. That is, the work of changing the saw blade is completed.

concrete saw blade

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