Which company is better for diamond saw blades for cutting stone?


diamond saw blades for cutting stone

In today's market, there are many kinds of diamonds, and there are differences in the fineness of various saw blades. It may be that stone cutting blades that look similar to the naked eye have different performances.

So, how can we identify a good stone cutting saw blade? SANG diamond saw blade for your answer.

For merchants who don't know how to do it, they often look at the surface of the diamond, simply look at the thickness and height difference of the segment , whether the outer circle is flat, etc. These methods are unscientific.

In this case, merchants will think that the hot-pressed or cold-pressed stone cutting blade is a high-quality stone cutting blade, but this is not the case. The real good saw blade has the characteristics of high sharpness and durability.

High sharpness means that the diamond of the segment is required to be fast, and the diamond can be obviously exposed. The gold stone cutting blade of the electroplating process is the best.

If the holding force is low in the process of use, the diamond will fall off during the sawing process, and its life will naturally be short.

Therefore, low-grade synthetic diamonds are easily carbonized in the manufacturing process, which is also a factor that affects the sharpness and durability of stone cutting blades.

The stone cutting saw blades produced by SANG Diamond Saw Blades rarely have problems during the cutting process. After all, with 29 years of manufacturing experience, the performance of the saw blades is relatively mature and leading in all aspects. Good or bad, some people may have doubts, the quality of SANG saw blades will not be faked, you will know after trying it!

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